How to Get Online Reviews

Online Reviews, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, This is how the world shops and compares today. 

Keywords for SEO

Keywords Are Foundation To Your SEO

Keywords are important. Very important. Can one word or phrase change your business? You bet it can and will in today’s digital marketing climate online. Think about “Just Do It.” Or even their swoosh symbol. Is there anyone over 13 years old and under 100 that doesn’t know the name of that company? Yes, Nike […]

Google Reviews

Complete List of Local Business Categories – Google My Business Supports

Local Business Categories that ‘Google My Business’ Supports with many free Benefits!   Download the PDF or read it here.  If you need a side hustle or some extra cash, scan this list, find a passion and start building your dream!  If you are in business and need more traffic, customers, conversions then save this […]

Self Analysis for Business Owners

Self Analysis Can Be Learned From Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud is known as the father of self analysis. As a small business, some of the most important things you can possibly do is some Self analysis – go below the surface and discover why people choose you, or why they should choose you. Do you want more people to choose you, instead of […]

Digital Marketing Raleigh NC

Digital Marketing, Can You Do It All?

Digital marketing among everything else as a business owner, entrepreneur, builder, plumber or handyman, you need resources to be able to do your best.    It’s not enough to be a one man band. Not into today’s complex business environment. It’s much easier to have team members to hand things off to, instead of trying […]

Mobile Marketing Smart Phones Know About Your Business?

I want you to take a minute to consider your smart phone when it comes to mobile marketing. Think about how many times a day you are reaching for it, looking at it for a number of time. This is why we must look at mobile marketing.   You can check the time first thing […]

Another Press Release Example

How To Find The Best Press Release Marketing Prices Epi Digital Shift Raleigh NC Even local businesses can benefit from a national press release. Chambers of Commerce, civic organizations, all can benefit. 

Press Release - Open for Business

Open for Business – Press Release

View a recent Press Release from Press Releases are designed to spread the word about you, your company and the world at large. Generally speaking, a press release will be listed on 50 – 100 websites and in the databanks of over 500 media companies. Check out how we do it. 

High End Web Design

High End Web Design

High End Web Design You get what you pay for. If you have a premier strategy for your market and niche, do not do a WIX or any other so-called free website. First of all, you don’t have the time. You are a business owner and that means you are dedicated to serving your patrons […]

Basic Professional Web Design

Professional Web Design

Basic Professional Web Design  If you have more time than money, you can use a WIX website and get something up on the web for “free” minus your time, creativity and anxiety. “Does this look right?” “How come the picture looks stretched?” “Will my prospects find me online?” “If I build it, they will come…”  […]