Complete List of Local Business Categories – Google My Business Supports

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Local Business Categories that ‘Google My Business’ Supports with many free Benefits!


Download the PDF or read it here. 

If you need a side hustle or some extra cash, scan this list, find a passion and start building your dream! 

If you are in business and need more traffic, customers, conversions then save this as a reference document.

Do I really need a website? 

The answer is yes. If you have a business with a product or service that people want or need, the answer is yes.  

Pizza? Yes. 

Dog Sitter? Yes.

Lawyer? Yes. 

Pest Control? Yes.

Plumber? Yes.

Electrician? Yes.

Afghani Restaurant? Yes.   

Here’s a list of business categories that Google thinks are important enough to have their own categories for business websites:

If you have a business involving any of these categories, then you need a website. If you have a hobby or a passion that involves any of these topics, then think about it. 

There are over 2300 categories that Google categorizes as local businesses: 

  • ATM
  • ATV Dealer
  • ATV Repair Shop
  • Abbey
  • Abortion Clinic
  • Abrasives Supplier
  • Abundant Life Church
  • Accountant
  • Accounting School
  • Acoustical Consultant
  • Acupuncture Clinic
  • Acupuncture School
  • Acura Dealer
  • Addiction Treatment Center
  • Adoption Agency
  • Adult Day Care Center
  • Adult Education School
  • Adult Entertainment Club
  • Adult Entertainment Store
  • Adult Foster Care Service
  • Advertising Agency
  • Aerobics Instructor
  • Aerospace Company
  • Afghani Restaurant
  • African Goods Store
  • African Restaurant
  • After School Program
  • Agricultural Service
  • Aikido School
  • Air Compressor Repair Service
  • Air Compressor Supplier
  • Air Conditioning Contractor
  • Air Conditioning Repair Service
  • Air Duct Cleaning Service
  • Air Filter Supplier
  • Air Force Base
  • Air Traffic Control Tower
  • Airbrushing Service
  • Airbrushing Supply Store
  • Aircraft Rental Service
  • Aircraft Supply Store
  • Airline
  • Airplane
  • Airport
  • Airport Hotel
  • Airport Shuttle Service
  • Airport Terminal
  • Airsoft Supply Store
  • Airstrip
  • Alcoholism Treatment Program
  • Allergist
  • Alliance Church
  • Alsace Restaurant
  • Alternative Fuel Station
  • Alternative Medicine Practitioner
  • Alternator Supplier
  • Aluminum Supplier
  • Aluminum Welder
  • Ambulance Service
  • American Football Field
  • American Restaurant
  • Amish Furniture Store
  • Ammunition Supplier
  • Amphitheater
  • Amusement Center
  • Amusement Machine Supplier
  • Amusement Park
  • Amusement Park Ride
  • Amusement Ride Supplier
  • Anago Restaurant
  • Andalusian Restaurant
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Angler Fish Restaurant
  • Anglican Church
  • Animal Control Service
  • Animal Feed Store
  • Animal Hospital
  • Animal Protection Organization
  • Animal Rescue Service
  • Animal Shelter
  • Anodizer
  • Antique Furniture Restoration Service
  • Antique Furniture Store
  • Antique Store
  • Apartment Building
  • Apartment Complex
  • Apartment Rental Agency
  • Apostolic Church
  • Appliance Parts Supplier
  • Appliance Repair Service
  • Appliance Store
  • Appraiser
  • Aquarium
  • Arboretum
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Archery Range
  • Archery Store
  • Architect
  • Architectural Salvage Store
  • Architecture School
  • Archive
  • Arena
  • Argentinian Restaurant
  • Armenian Church
  • Armenian Restaurant
  • Army & Navy Surplus Shop
  • Army Facility
  • Army Museum
  • Aromatherapy Service
  • Aromatherapy Supply Store
  • Art Center
  • Art Gallery
  • Art Museum
  • Art Restoration Service
  • Art School
  • Art Supply Store
  • Artificial Plant Supplier
  • Artist
  • Arts Organization
  • Asbestos Testing Service
  • Ashram
  • Asian Fusion Restaurant
  • Asian Grocery Store
  • Asian Massage Therapist
  • Asian Restaurant
  • Asphalt Contractor
  • Assemblies of God Church
  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Association or Organization
  • Asturian Restaurant
  • Athletic Field
  • Athletic Track
  • Attorney Referral Service
  • Auction House
  • Audi Dealer
  • Audio Visual Consultant
  • Audio Visual Equipment Rental Service
  • Audio Visual Equipment Repair Service
  • Audio Visual Equipment Supplier
  • Audiologist
  • Auditorium
  • Australian Restaurant
  • Austrian Restaurant
  • Authentic Japanese  Restaurant
  • Auto Auction
  • Auto Body Parts Supplier
  • Auto Body Shop
  • Auto Broker
  • Auto Dent Removal Service
  • Auto Electrical Service
  • Auto Glass Shop
  • Auto Insurance Agency
  • Auto Machine Shop
  • Auto Parts Store
  • Auto Radiator Repair Service
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Auto Restoration Service
  • Auto Spring Shop
  • Auto Sunroof Shop
  • Auto Tag Agency
  • Auto Tune Up Service
  • Auto Upholsterer
  • Auto Wrecker
  • Automobile Storage Facility
  • Aviation Consultant
  • Awning Supplier
  • BMW Dealer
  • BMW Motorcycle Dealer
  • Baby Clothing Store
  • Baby Store
  • Badminton Court
  • Bagel Shop
  • Bahá’í House of Worship
  • Bail Bonds Service
  • Bait Shop
  • Bakery
  • Baking Supply Store
  • Ballet School
  • Balloon Artist
  • Balloon Ride Tour Agency
  • Balloon Store
  • Ballroom
  • Ballroom Dance Instructor
  • Band
  • Bangladeshi Restaurant
  • Bank
  • Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Bankruptcy Service
  • Banner Store
  • Banquet Hall
  • Baptist Church
  • Bar
  • Bar & Grill
  • Bar Stool Supplier
  • Barbecue Restaurant
  • Barber School
  • Barber Shop
  • Barber Supply Store
  • Bark Supplier
  • Barn
  • Barrel Supplier
  • Barrister
  • Bartending School
  • Baseball
  • Baseball Club
  • Baseball Field
  • Basket Supplier
  • Basketball Club
  • Basketball Court
  • Basketball Court Contractor
  • Basque Restaurant
  • Bathroom Remodeler
  • Bathroom Supply Store
  • Batting Cage Center
  • Beach Entertainment Shop
  • Beach Resort
  • Bead Store
  • Bead Wholesaler
  • Bearing Supplier
  • Beauty Products Vending Machine
  • Beauty Salon
  • Beauty School
  • Beauty Supply Store
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Bed Shop
  • Bedding Store
  • Bedroom Furniture Store
  • Beer Distributor
  • Beer Store
  • Belgian Restaurant
  • Berry Restaurant
  • Beverage Distributor
  • Bible Church
  • Bicycle Repair

…. Download the entire list – Click Here…..

How Important is a website?


It’s a nearly “free” means of interacting with the local business community. It is a platform to express the benefits you can provide to the public you serve. You can state your case for your ability to solve your client’s problems. You can garner reviews from your clients as Google states often, “A satisfied customer is your best advocate.” If you have a business, a website is recommended. 

If you have more time than money, you can use a WIX website and get something up on the web for “free” minus your time, creativity and anxiety. “Does this look right?” “How come the picture looks stretched?” “Will my prospects find me online?” “If I build it, will they come…” Good question… it depends on how you do your backend, on page and off page SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)

Okay. Good. It may work and more power to you. After you experiment, call us. For those on a limited budget, we will build your website for you and make sure it’s coded correctly, linked correctly, submitted to search engines correctly. Every page will provide proper SEO links and content to help get traffic of qualified prospects.  We will install a dashboard control panel so you can add content and interesting articles that can help rank you higher in Google’s algorithm. Or we can do these services for you as well. 


Stop struggling and relax. There is a reason we are here and for the few dollars you budget, you will reap better rewards. To save everyone’s time, figure out what you can budget toward marketing and business building.


Yes, You Need a Website!