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Google wants you to be a top local business in your area and will help you for free!

  • List Your Business On The World’s Biggest Search Engine Today and get found!  Also, just so you know Google's motto is "turn your customers into your greatest advocates..." Therefore the way to do that is to claim your Google My Business Page.  And they've already made the page for you!  Finally, all we need to do is claim it and start using it as the marketing tool it is.
  • Get reviews.
  • Publish articles.
  • Update the public regarding the progress and milestones of your business.

Every 100 People...

Google tells us that for every 100 people that find a local business online, around 50 will visit (or call) and around 9 will buy within one day of finding your business. That is radical stuff and can mean a big boost to your bottom line. Searchers need to be able to find the local business online!  Also, if your business is easily found, you will get more and more customers via Google searches.  Your public image starts on Google. What are you posting on your Google listing? Google is undeniably the #1 search engine of choice for users seeking local businesses.  Your business needs to stand out from your competitors in this respect.  Google My Business listings are the definitive competitive advantage your business needs in order to survive given today’s online to local customer flow reality.

Is your business looking to improve their ranking on their Google My Business page?

Google has listed some clear guidelines / factors for how they rank local listings:

  1. The business address is listed correctly in Google Maps
  2. The My Business Page links correctly to the business website
  3. All information is correctly and completely filled in, on the My Business Page
  4. The business name, address and phone number is correctly listed
  5. The local business has an established strong presence online The business name, address and phone number is listed consistently across third-party websites like Yellow Pages, Yelp & Foursquare
  6. Customers are presently reviewing the local business
Are these conditions met by your business?  If not, you should think about becoming competitive using our Google My Business listing services.  Our Google My Business listing services take the task off your hands.  With this in mind we'll add citations, optimize your business page, find and correct inconsistent citations – and if you do not already have it, we can help put in place a strategy to get you more positive reviews as well.
Q / A:


Q: Which 50 directories are the business listings going to be added to?
A: We have a list of over 200 business directories and have ranked each of these directories according to their trust with Google and other search engines.  Also, we will find out where your business is currently listed and list their business on the top 50 directories they are not listed on.

Q: Will all 50 listings be live right away?
A: The majority will be live some directories take a week to approve the listing, and others require phone verification.
Q: What does business listing clean up mean?
 A: In their GMB support section, Google states that all businesses need to establish an accurate presence across the web on third party websites.  Also, if you have changed business names, phone numbers or addresses, we’ll find all those listings.  From there we will request to update each of those listings up to four times.  If after the fourth try we are unsuccessful, we will not pursue any further as the directory owner is deemed unresponsive.  If done, the listing is deemed as clean!
Q: What are the website recommendations you will make?
 A: We will work with you, whose website needs changes to be made to improve their GMB pages rankings.  We will look at how well optimized the home or landing page is, which is linked from their GMB page.  We’ll also look to make sure your business name, address, and phone number are listed clearly on their website.
Q: What if my business does not have a GMB page already?
A: If you do not have a GMB page listing already set up, we will take care of that too.  Also, we'll create your GMB page and add all your necessary business details.
Q: What if my Businesses GMB page is claimed by some other business?
A: We can help you and your business through the steps to claim the page and make any changes needed.
Q: How long will it take to improve my GMB page rankings?
A: This is a difficult question to answer for a few reasons.  In Fact, at the top of this page, you can read the factors that Google looks at when ranking the GMB results.  Also, depending on those factors, the city your business is located in and how many competitors you have, it can take anywhere from 3-8 months.
Q: Will my GMB page rank in the top 3?
A: Whilst we cannot and do not guarantee to get your business listing into the top 3 ranks, you will see an increase in rankings and visibility.