Media Citations

Media Citation Helps
Gain Instant Authority, Trust & Credibility By Being Cited In Major Media!

Being cited in the major media networks gives you more authority in the eyes of your potential customers and clients.

This results in a better conversion ratio for you so you make more money.

You will also be viewed as an authority by other media sources, opening yourself up to potential interviews, TV appearances, etc.

What you get?

  1. Your quote on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox affiliate websites
  2. Screenshots and links to your citations
  3. The 4 network logos added to your profile picture
  4. Legally and ethically use “As seen on” with the network logos


1. What is a Media Citation?
- The Ability to be able to legally and ethically use “As seen on” with the top media outlet's logos, by using the best media citation services as well.
2. How to Get a Media Citation?
 - It works in a similar way to press releases. We post content relating to you and your business on network sites owned or affiliated by ABC, CBS, Fox & NBC and more. Once they’re published, you’re free to use “As Seen On” in your branding.
3. What Kind of Quote Do I Give You?
 - We publish a 300 character quote that can either be from you talking about your service/business, or from someone else talking about you and your business. The quote isn’t very important. What is important is that you’re now cited on these networks, and you can use the “As Seen On” text and images in your marketing. That’s the value of this program.
4. Is This Legal?
 - YES! Absolutely.  The links are 100% REAL and you’ll be able to see your quotes on these websites for yourself.  This is exactly how to get media citations like the BIG brands.
5. Is This Ethical Though?
 - Again, YES! Big businesses have been using social proof like this for decades but until now, it’s been difficult for small/medium sized businesses to use the same conversion strategy.
6. Will I Be Able To Prove I’m On These Sites?
 - Yes, we’ll send you links that you can send to anyone who doesn’t believe you’re the quoted expert that you genuinely are.
7. What Results Can I Expect?
 - Every business is different and a lot depends on how you use your media citations and where you use them so there’s no such thing as “typical results” Just know that here, you’re getting something that makes your prospects far more likely to choose you and that in itself will be enough for you to see that this was a very smart investment.
8. Can I Put The Link To The Quotes On My Website?
 - We don’t recommend that you add the links to the quotes to your website or marketing for a few reasons. The first is that the links are archived after a period of time, so they won’t be live forever. Secondly, your quote may appear in a press release along with other Top Professional citations, so you won’t want your customer going to the press release. Remember, the value in this special program is in being able to use the “As Seen On” text and images in your marketing.
9. Will I Get Traffic And Backlinks From The Quote?
 - You will not get any appreciable traffic or backlinks from this quote. Again, the benefit of using these citations is in being able to use the “As Seen On” text and images in your marketing.