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Never Pay Full Price for Digital Services Again!

Consult with a local pro within our network of Digital marketing services and save 50% or more off of what other agencies charge!  Why? We are the Digital Marketing Price Disruptive Guys!

Look, if you run a local business you know that your services are being pursued after.  You can rent a billboard or a display board and try to hit people over the head with your excellent brand…

Or you can allow people to find you on their mobile phone, tablets or computers.  If they need you they can find you.

If you show up on the web. Where do you need to show up? ON SEARCH ... Google owns 85% of the search market and that's where we start.


Greensboro, NC

Epi Digital Shift is Greensboro's Online Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency

Supplying custom made resolutions for getting more customers and more profits for your local business in your neighborhood.  Do you need ten leads a day or one hundred? Let us know and we'll be happy to assist by making your business grow.

Greensboro is a town located in North Carolina.  The Greensboro Scientific Research Facility houses red pandas, sharks and also a hands-on museum.  Close By, is the Guilford Courthouse National Armed forces Park, which features museums about the American Revolution.  With video presentation re-enactments and also interactive displays outlining the humans rights battle in the World-wide Civil Liberty Facility & Museum.  The Bog Garden is a swampy spot having flower arrangements, birds and a raised boardwalk.

Greensboro, NC Digital Marketing

Never Pay Full Price for Online Services Again!

Save 50% or more on Digital Services...


Digital Marketing Services

Basic Professional Web Design

Professional Web Design

Basic Professional Web Design If you have more time than money, you can use a WIX website and get something ...
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Google Maps 3 Pack

Google Maps 3 Pack Marketing

Get Google Map Results And Stay On The Top Of The Local Listings. Google Maps 3 Pack Have A Seat ...
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Video Marketing

Video Marketing Services

Get Your Video Ranked And Target The Local Audience On Google Results With! How can I be found in the ...
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Video Press Release

Video Press Releases Local & National Reach

Let us Distribute Your Video Press Release To Over 500+ Recognized Media Outlets! Often asked, "Do I really need a ...
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Google My Business Map

Google My Business

Google wants you to be a top local business in your area and will help you for free! List Your ...
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Google Reviews

Online Review Platform

Start Receiving Your Customer Feedback And Reviews In Less Than 24 Hours, While Collecting Their Contact Info in The Process ...
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Media Citation Helps

Media Citations

Gain Instant Authority, Trust & Credibility By Being Cited In Major Media! Being cited in the major media networks gives ...
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SSL Certificate Installation

SSL Certificate Installation

SSL CERTIFICATE INSTALLATION With our SSL Certificate Installation, you can start Securing Your Customers Data And Transactions Today! Why deal ...
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Why Epi/Digital/Shift?

Epi relates to the ecosystem ... like in epigenetics, where your environment has influence on your genetics. The ecosystem we create is a culture of working with you to get you the final results you are really after ... building and growing your business …

Digital this is the economy now. You know Apple is now the first Trillion Dollar company? You know, everyone is carrying a phone and that phone is used dozens of times a day, not just to make phone calls, but to search for stuff: goods, products, and services...

  • You termites or critters, bugs or snakes? You type 'pest control' into on your cell phone.
  • Leaky sink or water on the floor? Busted pipes? Same thing search for “plumber”...
  • Not delighted with your accountant, you browse for CPA on your phone.

The concern everyone is asking, "Who is near me that can help me solve this problem?"

So if you are not showing up on the very first page of Google results, then someone else is and they are getting the telephone calls, not you. We can't have that! Let’s fix this...We use an array of digital solutions to help you show up where you need to be …

Shift: We are the shift that is happening in the market, with teams across the USA to help local businesses produce an impact in their local communities.

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Epi Digital Shift

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