Self Analysis Can Be Learned From Sigmund Freud

Self Analysis for Business Owners

Sigmund Freud is known as the father of self analysis.

As a small business, some of the most important things you can possibly do is some Self analysis – go below the surface and discover why people choose you, or why they should choose you.

Do you want more people to choose you, instead of your competition?

To put it simply, what is your customers’ motivation to buy from you?

Some people make a fair bit of money but few people have the ability to buy whatever they want whenever they want. Don’t make it so difficult for your customers to figure out why they should choose you.

So let’s do some self analysis:

What do you do that no one else does?

What makes you different from your competitors?

Are you unique in your service and/or product?

Gangam style is unique! In case you need a refresher, here is the video with over 3 billion world-wide views.

Psy in the Gangam style video uploaded in 2012 was the first video on Youtube to reach a billion views. It stayed at No. 1 for almost 5 years! In 2017, two videos topped Gangam’s 3 billion views. The top of the all time list now is Despacito from Luis Fonsi with Daddy Yankee (and it’s in Spanish, so don’t be limited in thinking of your market.).

Ask yourself now about Self Analysis:

Are you quicker?
Are you cheaper or better value?
Are you safer?
Are you the top seller?
Are you one of the most tested?
Are you most advanced or up to date?
Are you the oldest and most trusted?
Are you the most loved? (Virginia is for lovers, British Royal Family is loved, the Big Apple is loved).
Are you the most reliable?
Are you among the most helpful?
Are you the easiest to deal with and the most fun?

Are you the worst? Check out

First brainstorm these questions with your staff, then ask your customers in a survey, why they like you, why they buy from you …

Let’s apply the point this posting is making with this next exercise, finish this sentence:.

” Now for the very first time ever …”.

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